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Tevanik (2014)

  • Runtime: 80 min
  • Country: Armenia, Lithuania
  • Language: Armenian
  • In color

The film consists of three parts. The first one is about a harmonious family that will be separated because of the existing situation. Little Aram carries the tragedy of the separated family. In a day, his entire childhood ends. The reason is one thing only… In the second part of the film a feminine touch is evident by Astghik’s character.  One step and peace turn to war in a day, that’s when she loses her friendship, her love, and the idol. The third film tells about a 14-year old Tevanik who becomes part of the war activities.  During the fights and as a result of his inability to put an end to a beauty, moments become decisive for Tevanik.

  • Director: Jivan Avetisyan
  • Scripwritters: Arnold Aghababov, Karineh Khodikyan
  • Producers: Masis Baghdasaryan, Gevorg Gevorgyan, Kęstutis Drazdauskas
  • DoP: Narek Martirosyan
  • Production designer: Anton Qeshishyan
  • Editor: Arsen Sargsyan
  • Composer: Jonas Jurkunas

Main cast:

  • Henrik Shahbazyan
  • Mary Movsesyan
  • Hovhannes Khoderyan
  • Sos Janibekyan
  • Arthur Manukyan
  • Marineh Gabrielyan
  • Sergey Magalyan
  • Karen Jhangirov
  • Vahagn Galstyan
  • Narek Nersisyan
  • Satenik Hakhnazaryan
  • Greta Mejlumyan
  • Babken Chobanyan
  • Ara Sargsyan
  • Grigor Gabrielyan
  • Rehina Budnik